Thursday, August 30, 2012

The photos tell the tale

I have to say that this day has been so great, that even my fingers are tired. It is really only a day that can be explained in pictures. Well, we did have an insane dinner tonight, that altogether will be my post for tomorrow because words are totally necessary... Yummy Descriptive Words.

I will say that the Solvang farmers market was a festive event that combined all the local farmer wares, in the most charming setting of the danish towns main street.

My favorites were:

The most heavenly flowers, artfully arrange to compliment one another.

Pies that add pounds to my hips just looking at them and the freshest apple cider vinegar and olive oils that will add years to my life... So I can eat more pie.

The freshest herbs to take home and plant a little bit of the Valley in your own back yard.

Creative farms blending the vineyards grape and their gardens exploding tomato fruits. (it is tomato season and the heirlooms are splendid, a meal in themselves!!)

I had to add a few photos of the town, just because it is so damn quaint, it makes you have a cheesy grin all day.

Oh, that and as I mentioned in my last blog that David Crosby is a local... And then he walks up to you and smiles, it's then that you know it is a REALLY small town and everyone does know everyone.

Then there is a tasting room or two in Solvang to mention. Firstly I have to say that Toccata (formerly Mandolina) has been one of our favorites for years.

At our wedding in 2009 we had the Toccata Reserva as our house red, and Lucinda, the tasting room Manager has been one of our dear friends for about 5 years.

They have a new wine that is my absolute new favorite, the 2007 Classico, which is actually my nightcap wine at the moment. Fruit and earth on the nose, luscious velvet texture with blackberries and liquorish, with a full body and dry finish.

The second stop is Presidio, an all organic vineyard with the only problem being I don't know which one I like better.

The Pinot Nior's are lovely and fruit forward, even with the hazy factor of being organic. The earth is still prevalent in all of the wines, especially the Sangiovese, but I'm a Virgo so to me being one with the earth is alllllright.

My favorite had to be the Diego Red from the eighteen year old high elevation vineyard of 100% Cabernet, with an outrageous price point of $15.95 per bottle. (we may go back tomorrow and buy more)

As I listen to the snores of my hubby an son,I realize it is time for me to hit the sack as well and try to join in on this insane vibrational fest. There is so much more to tell, but hopefully the pictures help you to visualize what my words are lacking.

Much love and light...
Tommie V

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