Friday, August 24, 2012

Summertime Musings

It's been an incredible summer, filled with travel, book signings and good ole' family fun at home. Now with the end looming and one more trip planned for next week, as our final hooray, I look back on the last three months with much appreciation and awe.

I cannot even begin to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support for my little novel 'This Rock in My Heart'. It was such a fun labor of love when I began writing the book, something I had always dreamed of doing, now with the positive responses from friends and favorable reviews from industry... I am feeling so grateful for following through with this dream.

The book signings in Los Angeles have been a blast and with our new 'Reader if the Rock' campaign it is set to be a fun filled fall. Now all I have to do is write two more books! Fantastic! Easy!

With that in mind, some of you may have noticed many pictures on Facebook and Twitter, of my family travels to the Santa Ynez Valley. It seems the country life has been calling, so we have answered with a yearning to escape the sidewalk and slow down a bit, within the valley of wine and horses.

I love it so much there, the peace that surrounds my soul with each visit, makes it harder and harder to leave. Don't get me wrong, I love the 'Wood. There is something about living in Hollywood that ignites ones imagination to dream the impossible dream. The city has served me well, introducing me to a whimsical musical community, as well as a family of friends that will last a lifetime.

But I am craving change, someplace new... Maybe that is the beautiful countryside of Santa Ynez or Ojai? Maybe the cobalt blue ocean and white sandy beaches of Santa Barbara or Cambria? Or maybe it is my roots pulling me back to the snowy mountains of Bend, Oregon? I don't know where the wind may take me but I am open to a new adventure!

I have everything I need, my loving husband and musical partner who reminds me that no matter where we go, our music goes with us, of that I am confident of... Creativity is one thing we have in spades.

I have the most wonderful son who is up for any adventure at the drop of a hat, who loves to walk a country road, picking up sticks and rocks, all the while singing songs with his Mom and Dad into the endless blue skies.

These are my Summertime Musings on this blustery hot Friday in Los Angeles... Anything can happen and whatever is right, will. In the meantime I'm enjoying the moment and the last escapes of our 'summer of exploration' into the great outdoors. Because that is what summer is all about right?

Much love to you all... and I hope your summer has been filled with laughter and adventure as well!

Bring on the Fall!

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