Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hollywood, Good Friends and Schnecking...

When I moved to Hollywood I was so afraid of this big city. I grew up in a very small town...I had heard stories, I had watched the news and my mind had spun this place into a massive house of horrors.
But still I had my dreams in my pocket and so I took the leap despite my fears. What happened? Well, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I love this place so damn much and I owe most of it to the fantastic friends I have.

You see I met my people here, a colorful array of struggling artists, and we banded together with our backs to the cold winds of the music industry and Los Angeles to walk through what ever life was going to throw at us. I call them my 'chosen' family, and through it all, the heartbreaks of life, love and music... we are still together.

Sure, all our lives are so much different now than ten years ago, when we didn't have enough money to buy food but we could scrape enough change together to buy a bottle of booze and pass around an old guitar because our creativity knew no bounds and laughter was free.

The years may have passed, and we have the scars to mark our passage through time, but we all seem to remain exactly the same when we get together. We tell a bunch of lies, share raunchy stories from the road, talk about who's screwing who, a guitar gets passed around with a song to sing, and my face hurts from all the laughing I do in my friends company.
And the best part of it all? Our guitars are new and plentiful, our voices are strong and clear, and we finally have enough money to eat.