Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A guest stopped by...

On Monday we got a call from our old friend Pat Harrington from the band 'Kill Code' and 'Slunt'.. he was in town from NYC and just happened to bring his guitar a long with him. When I told him we were recording at the studio all day he offered up his skills on slide guitar for our new blues song called 'Deep'. It turned out so damn cool- we could not be more excited with Pat's guitar track- it adds such a dirty blues aspect to the song, we got really excited! We of course had to go get a drink after that one and met up some more of our pals at a cool little bar in the valley called 'The Fifth'
In the picture is myself with Pat and Charles Ruggerio- the drummer for Slunt and many many other super cool bands.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Guitar Work

On Sunday we started working on recording guitars and I snapped a few photos of Tony in action...

Grimey-Potts Studios Rocks!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some of the nonsense...


So yes it is late.. and yes I had a glass of wine.
But i just love this video..
She's got some legs.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Somewhere he lies bleeding…

Can you hear it when he sings?

A madness descending

To a room of deaf ears

I feel the blade upon his wrists

Slicing through the stillness

That somewhere held a memory

No longer in his hands

But deeper to center

With a knife too short

To cut out the pain


Friday, February 20, 2009

Blood or Wine

This glass of wine
I drink alone
To fill and warm
My weary bones
To virgin lips
This red liquid passed
For true loves kiss
Shall never last
If only poison it could be blood
In nights of darkness
My body is numb
This twist of fates
A drunken gloom
So upon this cloud I sit
Talking to the moon

by: Tv
lyrics to new Wall of Tom song 'Blood or Wine' off the upcoming album!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is a copy of our poster board so you can see the progress of the album- when the album is done all the boxes will be filled!! Wow this is gonna take forever!!!! No- not really but it is a lot of fun as well as being a lot of work. So the next time you text me and ask what I am doing... just take a look at the board!!!

Last night we began adding the Bass to all the songs on the new album... Here is a little video behind the scenes of Dave Wadsworth and Tony Grimes of Wall of Tom doing what they do:

Candy Bar Kisses

Moonlight kisses fade to black
A desire that overcame the denial
Two lovers in a chocolate fantasy
The sweetness passed between lips
If only by day their love could last
But this fairytale love is like a candy bar
It can only be savored in broken minutes
And theirs is melting in the mouths
That hunger for more
Eyes, nose, ears are all crying out for oneness
To be human is so utterly wrong
When the heart cannot overcome the brain
That will speak such nonsense
And so the moonlight kisses
Will melt inside the wrapper


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well I am going to give this whole blog thing a go... since we are in the studio about 8 hours a day I will have unlimited access to a computer and lots of time on my hands. I will post pictures, poetry and even video- just about anything I feel like posting really. Yes some of it will be nonsense but that is just me anyways! That being said here is an update recently posted about the band and what we are doing currently::

We are heading back into the studio to finish up the songs for our 09' release 'Universal Attraction'... And we couldn't be more excited! These are the songs we have been playing at the Hollywood Speakeasy nights and they are hot hot hot! The drums have been recorded and now comes the layering process of bass, guitars, trumpet, vocals, keys, cello... and whatever other instrument we feel like adding! (I am fond of the cowbell)

If all goes well we should be right on track for our release date in May. We are planning a big Cd release party in Hollywood so the closer we get to the release date more info will follow!

Groovy new tunes coming sooon!


Tommie V
Wall of Tom

Eyes Closed

I’ve almost forgotten you
But that’s when my eyes are open
When they are closed
I see you clearly
Every out line of your face
Every dimple in your smile
I can even hear your laughter mocking me
Haunting me
Some days I don’t want to open my eyes
To see the mist that is my tear
Washing away your memory