Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 'Reader of the Rock'

Take a ride in the faded jeans pocket of Frankie Spencer… A regular girl, who risks heart and soul, to make the rock n’ roll dream her life. This Rock in my Heart is like reading your friends juicy diary, so fun and heart-felt that you wish you were there for the slosh'n good times and there too for the bad times, just to shield your pal from the hard knocks. Big names of the Los Angeles rock scene make appearances with such easy detail that you know Tommie Vaughn has earned her guitar strings and now you're lucky enough to read about it. Hollywood looks softer, brighter, and crazier when Tommie V. lights it up her way… even for an LA native like me! Her heroine's struggles, fears and triumphs will inspire you of yours, if you've dropped 'em by the wayside. Following Frankie's days and nights, will remind you that everyone has dreams and some of us are just brave enough to chase them. Bring on the sequel baby! -Carrie Diaz Stylist, designer and owner of Swift Vintage, Realtor, & all around Go-Getter (and an LA Mom to boot!)

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