Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A new review hot off the press...

Another review is in, this time from the beautiful and talented Sandy King Carpenter:

"Tommie Vaughn has written chick lit for rocker moms, not soccer moms! I swear every girl/woman who ever came to Hollywood with stars in her eyes will wish she were walking in Frankie Spenser's shoes. I had a ball reading it!"

~Sandy King Carpenter, Writer, Film Producer, President of Storm King Productions, Inc.

Thank You Sandy!! I am so happy right now I cannot wipe the smile from my face!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The first review is in...

"Tommie Vaughn birthed a coherent, musical and deeply heartfelt novel right out of the box. She bled for her art and music, then gave back to the source. This Rock in My Heart invites the audience into the sacred space of an artist, it gives you a laugh, a tear, a wise crack and a woody. Bravo Tommie, Bravo."
~Lonn Friend, Author of Life on Planet Rock and Sweet Demotion