Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3 Days of Wine and Horses Chic

Tomorrow I am off once again to escape LA and relax into the mountains of wine an horses: The Santa Ynez Valley. Packing is always fun for me because I get to play with my wardrobe and plan outfits accordingly. This time I decided to take pictures to help me remember what went with what and so on. So here is a look into my suitcase for my three day trip...

Day one involves travel (Santa Ynez is two hours north of LA) so comfort is always an issue. It is also going to be around 90 degrees so less is more. I decided on an easy boho dress with a cinch wrap belt with gladiator flip flops, dark cat sunglasses, gold jewelry a vintage leather tiny purse. This look is comfy and will be a great transition to walking around and hitting a few wineries or tasting rooms upon arrival.

For my night time look I transition into a boho-country feel, while always staying with my vintage touches. My newly dyed boho blouse with boyfriend loose fitting jeans, flashy belt, red vintage boots, hand made statement earrings with roses and turquoise (a gift from my sweet friend Jacki), wood bangle bracelets and another amber vintage bracelet for kicks. Comfortable but the jewelry really sets it off nice. Perfect for a night of dinner and music at the new Ranch and Reata Roadhouse in downtown Santa Ynez.

Day two is easy wear with a flair, for a relaxed day of ebelskivers, window shopping, wine tasting and play time with the family, in the charming danish inspired downtown Solvang. We may hit up a miniature horse or visit an Arabian horse farm so again comfort is a must on a day like this. I chose my favorite vintage skirt with vibrant hot pinks and black flowers, an easy flowing black tank, gladiator flippys again, hot pink studded bikini top instead of a bra for fun, turquoise feather earrings, my leather vintage mini purse again, shades and my favorite new ring. (thank you Carrie from Swift, purchased for just $5 bucks- I will probably be wearing this ring all year with everything I own it is so damn hot)

Day two evening wear is one of my oldest, but favorite vintage dresses. The pattern is so detailed and the colors, even after all this time, are vibrant and playful. I accessorized it with my black wrap belt, butterfly cowboy boots, a faded fitted jean jacket and three fun gold necklaces, all different lengths, with two of them again bearing my favorite bug... The butterfly. I usually don't wear earrings or bracelets when I have heavy necklaces, but I will be wearing my ring again and the same vintage purse has suited me well for the entire trip. This outfit is perfect for dinner at Matt and Jeff Nichols (The Brothers) new restaurant, Sides Hardware & Shoes, in wine soaked Los Olivos and maybe a little stroll through town afterward, with a stop at the Fess Parker hotel for a nightcap, if the baby allows. :)

The last day is a travel day again and not much planned, but a nice light breakfast (coffee and a bagel sounds just right) and a stroll, maybe hitting up the coolest danish inspired, castle strewn play park for the boy. It's called Sunny Fields Park in Solvang and it is the perfect way to wear out my son, before we are in the car for another two hour drive home. I should be super comfy in my new tie-dyed mustard tank, a tiny peek of a lavender leopard bra, cargo kahki shorts, gladiator flips, shades, feather earrings and the ring. Easy.

And yes, I did pack for my boys as well - who will look damn fine, as my dates for the trip. I'm a lucky girl to have these hot dudes as my company. So now I must hit the sack and try to sleep so we can get an early start to our day!

Last trip of the summer, here we come!

Tommie V

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  1. Wow! This is so Amazing! This woman needs to connect with "Oprah" magazine! She knows how to put it all together! What a talent!