Friday, August 31, 2012

Calling all Vintage lovin' Gals!

Calling all fashion forward, vintage loving, hipster thinking, thrift store picking, trend setting and over all anytime girl looking, for some cheap ass cool clothes.

I am sad to report that my favorite vintage clothing store in the trendy Magnolia Park area of Burbank is closing their doors. After 8 years of dressing the hip and famous, Owner, Stylist and Designer Carrie Diaz has decided to move on to her next big thing. Although I am super happy for her and excited for her blossoming future, my closet is going to miss her store.

So ladies and gents grab that $20 dollars (or more if you got it to burn) and RUN, don't walk, or better yet drive your bargain loving ass to Swift in the next week or two, as Carrie and crew slash prices of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in the store!

The most bitchen rocker belts for $15 bucks or less. Classic handbags and sunglasses for $5-$10 dollars. To die for necklaces and bracelets, bangles and jangles all for $10-$20 buckaroos. I'm soooo not kidding.

I was just in tonight for Magnolia Parks fun, fashion street fair 'Ladies Night Out', which happens every last Friday of the month. Swift was filled with the most divinely dressed fashion gals, grabbing up everything they could carry. Vintage hat boxes, chairs, lamps, even wall art and mirrors were slashed at half price.

As for the gorgeous vintage dresses, there is something for everyone. From the Hoedown to Red Carpet there is just the right look, at an unbelievable price. Majorly discounted One of a kind blouses, skirts, jackets, boots and shoes to classic T shirts, it's all at Swift... But who knows for how long. The racks were looking a lot thinner when I left tonight, although there is still tons of beautiful clothes for the finding, so don't hesitate too long or you will miss the best deals ever!!

Ummm...I'm going back tomorrow... My closet just told me to.

Swift Vintage is located at: 3216 West Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank, CA Or go to: for more information

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