Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy Busy Bee's

So much going on. Sorry it has been awhile but I just get busy and I forget. We have been traveling the last couple weeks- Arizona and Santa Barbara. Mostly for fun, some for research.

If you didn't know- Tony and I are engaged. Yep. We broke the band rule. Broke it hard. And yes we know it didn't work out for Fleetwood Mac- but they sure did get a lot of great songs out of that romance huh! So yeah, we have been together for almost six years now and Tony finally convinced me that we should make this groovy thing legal. While I have a hard time believing in marriage I really believe in love, and I really believe in our love.

So the process has begun to find the perfect spot for T-n-T to tie the knot. I am really out of my league here and for the longest time I have been putting this off for even the thought of it makes me queasy. I just am not that type of girl. All the flowers and the fluff makes me break out in hives. I just want to play a show. I have no problem booking, promoting, finding a great inexpensive vintage dress, and singing onstage for a show... so for a while there I was trying to convince myself that this was just a fancy show at a fancy venue. Hmmmmm...
Tony has had to stop me many times to not just hit the drive through Elvis in Vegas. So I still have made no solid plans and still have no clue- even though I did break down and buy a 'Brides' Magazine.(not the best idea I have ever had) It just reminds me that I need to book a show for Wall of Tom because I need something else to work on! I am the worst fiance ever!!!

Speaking of work! The album continues to amaze me and even though this is the slowest process in the world it is really taking shape and sounding wonderful. Another project in the works is our bass man Dave's pilot for 'XPC' and it looks amazing- Dave is gonna be a big time Director soon! Tony is doing all the sound for the show and the boys are real excited about getting it finished. Again I will fill you in as much as I can when I can but for now just dust off your pillows and get ready to rumble!

;) Tv