Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Music is groovy

So the songs are finally to a point that I am going to let myself get excited. They sound good. Tony is a GOD and a really good engineer too. This is going to be a beautiful album that I will be so proud to release. We are enjoying this process too much I think- it is the layers of recording that just blows my mind. We have finished all the basic instruments, some vocals and now comes the fun. A little peppering of piano, and little shaker of salt- and we got us an album. I am very quiet at times and concentrated so if I go for a bit, and I don't make a post... it doesn't mean I wont be back soon.

Don't forget to rock that side ponytail.

oh that reminds me. I got into a conversation this evening while I was doing my 'side job' of supporting myself so I can live and create music. The conversation consisted of 'items' being called a Rock Star. Hmmmmmmmm I feel A Rock star cannot be a wine, or a restaurant, an inanimate object... or even an exceptional person. Unless that person has worn some form of spandex- or three week old jeans on stage in front of over 5,000 people and played their ass off, broke a string the second song in and some guy runs on stage and gives you another perfectly tuned guitar, Toured the world and the USA of a couple times, broke down in a van or bus 6-7 times, and of course the screwing of lots of ugly people. That is a Rock Star. Please do not use that term loosely. We all strive to get there but some of us just sing the blues.


boy I am sassy tonight. Must be the ponytail.

For the month of May- I am planning to single-handedly bring back the side ponytail... or the side/ braid- what ever you choose. Keep your eyes on the trash mags.- this just in... Mariah Carey is the first side ponytail victim.