Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wall of Tom makes a new music video

Wall of Tom, or maybe I should say Tony and I, since we are doing this whole duo thingy... and well, I married him too. We have been planning this video for about two months now... The song 'Cherish Every Moment' was our first pick, for a single off the new album. It just felt right to do our first video for that song, since this song was written for our son. The song is so close to our hearts, we just had to do the video right.

We found the location on a lark, a few months ago when taking our little boy to Griffith Parks 'Travel Town' one afternoon. The antique train museum, with a kiddy train to boot, was indeed a fun little adventure together. When we walked into one of the antique boxcars, Tony and I took one look at each other and we both knew that the location had been found. The lighting was insane... it was more than you could ask for to shoot any sort of film, or video.

After working out the shot list, and re-working the shot list, and yet another trip to Travel Town, we discovered even more wonderful area's to shoot in, and the video's concept was born. Chris Knitter of Overlooked Productions, our talented DP, flew out from KC and we shot the whole thing with one camera, in two days.

This video was a family affair, just like the entire album has been. Tony and I had thought that maybe we would not have our son in the video, use a different child for the shots, but since the song was written for him we said screw it, and he had a ball with us the entire time... well, almost the entire time. Now that I look back at the footage I am overjoyed with our decision. I think having him included has given such a beautiful, personal touch, that we will indeed cherish this video, for the rest of our lives.

Of course we had a little help from our wonderful friends, to pull off the video properly. My hair and makeup stylist was Brooklyn Stephen, she is a great friend and I have been using her for years for all our photo shoots. Back when Wall of Tom was doing 'The Hollywood Speakeasy' at Hush Lounge in Hollywood, Brooklyn would give me a few different 20's or 30's looks per show, which is why I knew she would do a great job with my vintage look for this shoot.

As for the 'look', my wonderful friend and fashion stylist, Carrie Diaz of Swift Vintage helped pull both our looks together. I met with Carrie a few times, showing her my ideas, what clothes we had in our closets, looked at what she had in hers, and together we pulled together 2 different looks for all three of us, one vintage, one current. I LOVED the old time hats that Carrie brought for me to choose from, I felt like such a fancy lady!! Oh! And a special thanks to Rachael Rine for letting me borrow those awesome black pants, my ass loved them and now I need to get a pair of my own because I don't wanna give them back!

The shoot went so great, and everyone at Travel Town was super helpful, I cannot believe how smooth it all was and how fast we got all the shots. Now it is down to the editing process, with Chris Knitter and Tony doing their thing behind the big desk. It is almost done now and I am so pleased I cant stand it, I cannot wait to release this baby out to the world! So stay tuned, we plan on releasing it very soon!! Yippee!!!

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