Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book signing next weekend!!

It was in the Larchmont Chronicle yesterday! Yippee! Remember to reserve your book ahead of time, they are going fast. See you next Sunday!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wall of Tom | The Lovers | CD Baby

Wall of Tom | The Lovers | CD Baby Click the link above to purchase Wall of Tom's new album off CD Baby!! We are over the moon to get the songs out there for you all to enjoy! xoxxx, Tommie

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Signing in July

I just booked my first book signing at Chevalier's Books in Larchmont Village on July 8th from Noon-2pm!! Soooooo excited! More info to come, but if you live in LA and have not picked up your book from Amazon, why not buy it locally and support indie bookstores! Call Norman @ Chevalier's and reserve your copy now!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

A real Rocker's Review

What a great review/insight from Brandon Thomas, lead singer for the band Bleed the Dream... So nice to get a r&r dudes POV! Love you Brandon, thanks for the support!!

"So i just got finished reading my copy of the first installation of books in the Frankie Spencer series by Tommie Vaughn Grimes "This Rock In My Heart" for the second time. The first time simply wasn't enough. The descriptive manor in which "Tommie Gun" (as I and few others call her) speaks through the voice of her "alter ego"... Frankie Spencer is clever, heartfelt and down right kick ass. For those who find this fair city of Los Angeles, after being lost elsewhere, the world Tommie creates with her word play is- the real deal. Trust me. Reading her account of what its like to walk in to the building we all lived in for the first time, was like falling face first into a time warp. I know I am at an advantage having been there, but I wouldn't have described it any different myself. As she describes what its like to find new people, make new plans, and breath new air, you find yourself lost in your own memories of similar experiences as well. This book is a warm easy read and i suggest anyone with a love for the dreamers who make this world special, have a beer, or a glass of red, as Tommie Gun would prefer, light one if ya got one, and enjoy these pages of Rock and roll dreams, and the adventures that come with doing your best to live them out to the fullest. I cant wait for the next one... hope I'm in it. Congratulations on this "rock your face off" accomplishment Tommie Gun."

~Brandon Thomas