Saturday, April 2, 2011

Timeless fashion... and Johnny Depp.

All right, I don't usually talk about certain things, wait... who am I kidding, I talk about nearly everything. But today I want to talk about clothes. Namely the clothing set on the slender back of Angelina Jolie in the movie 'The Tourist'. We watched the movie the other night, and while I found the movie fun, and the backdrop set in Paris and Venice gorgeous, and hey I mean- Johnny Depp is in the movie so I really enjoyed the heck out of it, let's be honest. But let's get back to my point- the CLOTHES! I cannot stop thinking about them! The retro elegance of Colleen Atwood's choices and creations as costume designer were utterly divine!

The richness in fabrics, the cut, the softness of silks! Oh my! It was like she brought back all the class of the old time movie siren and combined it with Jacki-O, all perfectly tailored to one of the most gorgeous women of all time, the film is a fashion knockout. Colleen said ‘The idea was to create a world of quiet elegance, reflected in simplicity of line and colour’. “My inspiration for [Jolie's character] Elise’s costumes were the Hitchcock movies: minimal elegance,”

Yes, you may have noticed, I like clothes. Oh! And I did not even mention the jewelry- one piece in particular, was a diamond choker that was created by Robert Procop and made from an antique tiara that was so spectacular I was drooling the entire time.

To any of you who adore fashion- watch this movie! To any of you who enjoy looking at Angelina Jolie- watch this movie. And finally, to any of you who adore Johnny Depp- watch this movie!
That's all!

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