Friday, April 29, 2011

If you build it, they will come...

Sure it's from a movie, but it's also my motto for the next few months. It feels good. I feel good. Well, that's a lie, because actually at the moment, I am suffering with yet another bothersome cold that my sweet little germ-pool child has cast upon me. But other than that... I feel good.

I am currently watching my husband standing atop a 12 foot ladder attempting to install a ceiling fan. It is really fun entertainment for me at this moment, in my weakened state, but I digress to my original point. If you build it they will come...

With the music out of our hands for the moment, my husband and musical partner in crime have had some free time on our hands. We dabble in the yard, we chase after the kid, re-arrange a room...and we drink red wine. Yep, and we enjoy the heck out of all of that.

Before the baby came, we had the brilliant idea of turning our two car detached garage into a rehearsal/recording/hang out/pool room. It was a great idea. The garage is huge, and if we just put about twenty grand into it, it could be a dream.

So, after the baby came, we realized our big room was a big expense that we were just smart enough to avoid, although we had already ripped out the walls, built in the garage door to a one-car garage door, and installed a sliding glass door facing the pool.

And so... it has sat that way for 10 months now, slowly filling up with all the toys and baby accoutrements that your child quickly outgrows. But a few days ago when I was digging in the dirt, I cast my eye over to the garage and sat up straight as the inspiration struck.

What was I doing? How could I have been so blinded by a price quote? I know how to do things! I know how to build things with my own two hands, inexpensively, and make them look really good. I did my time with interior design, put in a good year or two on the showroom floor, learning all the creative tricks that designers know. With all that I learned, it helped me become the snob I am today. No, not that kind of snob... I am the reverse snob! I'm the person who wants to tell you how 'little' I spent on something, and how I took it and brushed it over with my magic wand and turned it into a masterpiece! I am a flea market junkie. I am a Craigslist antique furniture stalker. I am a estate sale hound.... and I have more cool vintage furniture than I know what to do with. I have been this way for years and years, and I think the reason why I have always been the one throwing all the parties is because I actually had furniture for everyone to sit on.

And so, baby in arms, I have attacked the hated garage, and now to my husbands delight, we are hard at work creating our 'creative space'. It may take a month or two, it might bring colorful curse words to our lips, and it may bring out muscles we never thought we had... but you better damn well believe we will be recording in that sucker by July.

I mean it is already hang-able. I'm hanging out in it right now, and I am just thrilled, yes I am easily pleased- but so are most of my friends so we are gonna have a darn good time in this sucker.

So as we build it, and they all come over, make sure to bring a hammer, a drum kit, and a smile and we will put you to work right quick. I'm so not kidding, you know who you are...

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  1. I love it! I'm coming over with my violin!!