Sunday, April 20, 2014

And so it begins

The joy of music and wonder begins at an early age. Being the child of two musicians could be a bit intimidating, so it's something my husband and I talked about before we had kids.

We wanted to create an organic environment that opens the door to music, making it a playful option to all the regular toys. Around our house, instruments are scattered, always available when the creativity strikes. We play and sing together, listen to all kinds of music, and cheer each other on through it all. Our son had to live through making an album and I'm sure he is scarred for the rest of his days, with those songs from our 'The Lovers' album permanently imprinted in his brain with all the studio time he put in. 

Our newest family band member is music to her core. She loves the guitar and lights up when it is played. She plays any instrument she can get her little hands on and as of yesterday, her little fingers can finally reach the keys of our piano. Her face was pure joy as she realized the infinite possibility of her musical future. Or maybe that was something in her diaper.

It's not that we want them to grow up to be rock stars, (although it may be too late, our son is a natural) we know what a hard road it can be to travel... but instilling the beauty and love of such a wonderful gift that is music is something that I am happy to pass down to my babies.

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