Thursday, September 13, 2012

NY Fashion Week

NY Fashion Week is a time for all of us fashion fanatics to see what's new, what's hot and what's next, from our favorite designer mavens. Although some of us can't be there every year, we can all enjoy viewing the shows on the internet. Best seats in town, not one catty stare.  I have been having fun pouring over the shows myself and thought I would share some of my favorite designers Spring 2013 collection pieces, where I would wear the item and why I like it.  

Diane Von Furstonberg: I love her collection of flowing elegant fabrics and stylistic color blocking. I heart' this jumpsuit, it looks so comfy, that I would never want to take it off. 70's inspired? Maybe! The cut is sexy yet, the layers cover the models frame and flows with every step, creating excitement and intrigue with every shimmy and shake.  I would wear this on a Caribbean cruse or even for a night out dancing at a hot new club, maybe minus the earrings that would probably rip my earlobes off, if I shook them all night long.

Vera Wang: I have a soft spot for Vera since she was the designer of my wedding dress. For Spring 2013 she looked to the "romantic beauty and sensuality of India," Lots of jewel tones in the very wearable collection, although my pick is of course my favorite color, black. I really dig this look, I call it 'I'm not quite dressed, but it's working anyway' Super rock n' roll hot, with the velveteen fabric and embellishments. I'm not even sure if it doesn't pull up over one shoulder as well for a second look, if not who cares, it's divine. I would wear this on Grammy night, maybe even the shoes too... although I probably would stick to ankle boots.. I might fall down in those heels.

Badgley Mischka: Although there were only a few pieces in this collection that were my style, the elegance and craftsmanship of the clothing was apparent, even if some of the pieces were a bit reserved. The cool aqua pastels, with just the right amount of shimmery elegance. The look I picked screams out femininity and flair so perfectly. I think the iridescent tweed-like pants would go with anything, dressed up or down, from the office to the upscale dining evening out. I would buy two pairs just so I could ensure having them forever. ;)

Rachel Zoe: Now I know that Rachel Zoe is not your classic designer and I have read a few scathing reviews about her line... but for me and my style, she seemed to do just fine. In all actuality I liked almost every piece she had. Soft flowing fabrics, lots of mix and match separates, all with just a hint of splendor and elegance. Sure, the look I picked is a bit long and again, with my clumsiness I may just fall ass over teakettle a few times, but wont I look great doing it? I hear from the catty's that her collection is sure to hit Kohls,  so that is good news for all of us gals who love the high life but can only afford the middle. Wear her collection anywhere..well almost anywhere. I would wear it to a new art opening downtown, or a day of shopping with the girls.

 Zac Posen: Wow. I cannot say enough about the gowns in the Zac Posen collection. Red carpet elegance with a throwback style of the 1940's old Hollywood style. The classic hourglass seemed to be his inspiration, with some of the gowns growing a mermaid like bottom. Although his evening wear gowns were absolutely stunning in colors like pumpkin satin and Bordeaux, it was the fabrics of tulle, satin and chiffon, that clung to the body creating a femininity and sexiness that we all crave in a ball gown. I chose one of his cocktail dresses, since I rarely go to a ball, but in this hip hugging beauty, I would have a ball wearing it. The color was seen on a few other runways, so I am picking this as one of the staple colors of Spring 2013. I would wear this to a party as well as a premier, I would even rock it out in a pair of ankle black boots with leather cuffs around my wrists,  just to add a bit of Tommie Vaughn with the gorgeous gowns of Zac Posen.

 Gosh I love fashion. Don't you?

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