Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Year

As I stand on the cliff of 2016, ready to jump into the new year... I must look back and remember. We lost some incredible artists this year, so many that were so dear to my creative heart. Bowie, Prince- both fearless in their art, both totally original and one of a kind. The great Leonard Cohen, Glenn Frey, Paul Canter, Merle Haggard, and now George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. It's just such a shock to ones creative system. 

 I realized that even in this moment, lost within the joy of parenthood, my inner artist was angry. She was being used less and less, and so like a child that is ignored, there were outbursts of frustration, depression and anxiety. 

It didn't seem all that bad, just the normal happening of becoming a mom, two times over, and not focusing on my own needs, because when I look at my kids I felt that love that is incomparable. 

But when you start to see your own mortality, you see the way the world is changing, the politics that you cannot stop, the idols of yesterday passing... I felt my inner artist stirring. I realized if I wanted to teach my children about how powerful a woman could be, that I would have to be that powerful woman I once was. 

The band coming together was perfect timing for the resurrection of my artistic soul. My pipes may be a bit rusty, I may have eaten a few too many Christmas cookies with my kids this holiday, but make no mistake, I'm back and I'm doing this. 

It's time to live your dreams, it's time to be the change and it's time to stand tall together- one song at a time. 

New shows will be added shortly so stay tuned... Happy New Year from myself and all of us from Wall of Tom.
Tommie, Tony, Kerim, Ryan and Louisa
*All photos by Jesse Natale of JNorth Productions 

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