Thursday, September 29, 2016

Houston, we have a BAND!

It happened. Somehow in between the happenstance of recording our last album and double parenthood, we had become lost (happily) inside the baby tunnel, and our music took up a smaller and smaller chunk of our lives. At first we didn't notice it, with all the sleepless nights and sweet smiling babies, until maybe a year ago when our daughter turned two and our son four. There was something missing in our lives. Sure we sang songs together, around the house, to our children, in the car, in the shower... but it wasn't filling that gap.

So Tony and I began to play acoustic shows together, just little gigs to get our feet wet, and boy did it feel good. We started to get that old feeling again after every show, that feeling of wholeness, that feeling of being complete. We knew we were onto something, and the memories came back. The feeling of playing in a band, to hear all the aspects of music that were on our albums. So when we were asked to open the show for MommyTonk this last weekend, it was like a calling- or maybe time to make a few calls.

We started with Wall of Tom's original drummer, Kerim Imes. We love this guy, he is part of our musical family and when he said he would love to come up from LA to Santa Barbara and play again, it was like our heartbeat was back.

The next call was to a cool gal I had met at a skateboard class last year that both our boys were taking. She had been playing a Uke and we struck up a conversation. We clicked immediately when she told me she was actually a Cellist, but had been so stuck in motherhood (she has four boys!) that her musical life had fallen to the side. Louisa Wood is my new best friend with a foul mouth and a heart of gold, she adds that moody, magical quality of sound that Wall of Tom is known for and we are so happy to have her aboard.

When it came to rounding out our rhythm section we had to divert from our original bassist who was booked for that weekend. We were referred to Brent Harding, who is totally kick ass upright bassist and a super swell fella to boot. Band complete,  we were ready to practice and play the show! 

And that we did! It felt divine and sounded amazing, to put it into one word (as one friendly fan did) 'Wizzard'! We weren't sure what the heck she meant, but we think it was a good thing! And that was how it all begins, Houston, We have a BAND!! More shows to come, as soon as these wonderful musicians learn our catalog of music. Wall of Tom is back in action!!!

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