Sunday, June 12, 2016

Waking up in the Past

My name is Helen. I lived sometime in the mid 1800’s, born into a somewhat wealthy family; given my surroundings of Victorian grandiose furniture along with heavily adorned and embroidered clothing. I have a young brother Peter, who I completely adore and spoil- and we seem to have a very spirited father, who likes to make jokes around our large, long, wooden dining table. As I turn my gaze to my mother, my heart freezes in fear as she catches my eyes meeting hers, and they narrow to cast a look of total disgust as she straitens her spine, making me feel very small.
My journey skips forward, to my five-year-old self, spinning in a field of lavender, laughing to the sky at the freedom of dance- the pure joy of youth. Again, I move forward to my teenage self, painting a picture in a grand drawing room. I feel the endorphins speed through my body as my mother enters the room- “You are no good.” She says wickedly as she stops to stare at my artwork. My heart spills out around me as I paint harder through my tears. Again I seem to float into the future, it is a dark time, not as clear as the rest, but I see visions of a dead man who must be my father. And there, my mother is making it clear that there is no more time to waste, I must marry to save the family fortune. I am dying inside as I skip to an even darker future- my own death, to where I wished, and wished and wished some more that I could have followed my dreams. I had a hatred and anger inside my soul that was palpable, seeping into my veins as everything slowly went dark.
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Now, I am truly awake and laying within the ancient Himalayan Salt Cave on a sunny Sunday morning in Santa Barbara. My name is not Helen, not now at least, but my heart is still racing at the meditative journey my mind and body have just been on. I have just awoken from my very first group past life regression and for someone who walked into this dark magical cave a doubtful skeptic, I will walk out a believer… but just give me a minute, while I process this incredible experience.
There has been much written about regression into a past life, and the way Salt advertised this special class was: Under a light hypnosis, you will be guided to another time and place. A past life realm that will shed light and awareness on your existence, and allow the freedom to design your life from desire, rather than from unconscious habits or fears. Sounds about right? But there is so much more about opening up your unconscious and discovering things that may be blocking your happiness and future in this life. 

Our facilitator into this incredible regression is Lisa Veit, an internationally known Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker, Regression Therapist, Owner of “Be You Come Alive”, Mother, and Creator of The Art of Embodiment Meditation CD. She says her life experiences triggered an epic spiritual inquiry within, and an insatiable study of the human potential. Lisa has explored in great depth the many facets of life, energy, and consciousness. She exudes warmth and is committed to empowering people to discover their unique capacities, and to assist all of those that choose it, to come alive at their greatest capacity. Lisa lectures nationally and currently lives with her family in Santa Barbara, California.
Open your Mind, Open your Eyes
The fact that Lisa was able to hypnotize a large group of people, three of whom were first timers like me, is hard to believe but alas, I am living proof. Is it true that I am a wonderful storyteller and that my mind is filled with characters that I bring to life in my novels? Of course. But is it also true that I have given everything up for my music, for my art- to chase my seemingly impossible dreams throughout my life, no matter the pain or obstacles? Absolutely. In this lifetime, I have chosen to be the joyful artist I always wanted to be and will continue to be… no matter what my name is.
Unlock your past two Sunday’s a month at the Salt Caves on State in Santa Barbara. (740 State Street) 805-963-7255 or for a private class contact Lisa directly at:

*As seen in the Santa Barbara Sentinel Page 15

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