Thursday, November 8, 2012

November's 'Reader of the Rock' is...

“This Rock in my Heart speaks directly to the will of an artist, striking a power chord with anyone who’s ever wielded an air guitar. Frankie Spencer stage dives off the page as a woman trying to make it happen in Hollywood as she courageously leaves everything behind that had been holding her back. Through Frankie, we revel in her rock-fueled journey amid the rancor, heartache and hidden fears that manifest when all you want to do is show what you've got. Tommie Vaughn has created a memorable and inspiring character who's as warm as she is edgy and brings the reader on a tumultuous yet uplifting journey that proves anything is possible with persistence, a little hard work and a whole lotta heart.”   
~David & Gennefer Gross, TV Writers / Producers

How cool is that?! Thanks so much Dave and Genn! I am honored to have such a dynamic writing team review my novel. 

Much love,
Tommie V


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