Friday, December 30, 2011

The last year on earth

What if it really was the last year of earth as we know it? What if it all was going to end? How would you live your life? Would you make a 'Bucket List' and just go balls out and go for it? Go for anything and everything that you ever wanted to do or create in your life?

I see so many heartbreaking stories of people, children with terminal illnesses that do outstanding things and change the lives of so many around them. They are an inspiration to the lives of the living. But still so many people will walk through their lives in a daze, blaming everything but themselves, that the deck of cards they were dealt are crap and always will be just that- crap. Sadly they will never know, nor even want to change, because it is just too much trouble.

But let's just say, for fun I mean, that this is the last year. What would you do differently?

Now, let's just say, that you actually begin living the life that you always dreamed of, become the person you always thought you would become, and that you enjoy every moment- like it was your very last.

I say let's go out and get that mother fucker. Together. Sound good?

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