Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good things come to those who wait.

As the old saying goes, we have been rewarded for the waiting game. The album has been on hold for awhile now... waiting not so patiently for bass. Our good friend Dave Wadsworth, who has been playing bass with Wall of Tom for the last two years or so, has been on the vacation of a lifetime- Spain, Switzerland, you name it- Dave was going there. He just didn't have the time to put in for us, so sadly we realized we were going to have to use a different bass player for this album.

But who to choose?

We of course automatically thought to use Daniel Seeff, who was a member of Wall of Tom for five years, two albums, two music videos, and countless good times. The only trouble was, Daniel is one of the busiest- most sought after bass players in all of Los Angeles. We gave him a call and he said he would love to be a part of this album but he was booked for weeks and only had a small window of time available.

Well... thankfully we knew that we could fit him in through that small window (he is quite spry) and get our bass done, as long as we had the patience to wait a few weeks. Hmmmmmmm... I think I have said it before, I hate waiting. I have no patience. Especially when I am sitting on the one thing that I am so damn excited about. But, that being said, I realized if I want to release the best album of my career, I would have to sit on my rear for just a bit.

It was worth it. Daniel is a gift, and I am so happy to have this man's talent added to the album. It was a day of laughter, jokes and music as we stepped into ESI Studios in Glendale. Which by all quinkie-dinks was the very studio that we recorded our second album 'Eight' together 5 years ago. It was just like old times as the three of us; myself, Tony and Daniel began to record... all with one exception- there was a little baby running around the studio like a mad-man.

It made for an even more interesting day having a toddler to chase after, but all in all- we made it happen, with Tony behind the engineers desk, and Daniel on the Upright and electric Bass, with a lot of silliness in between. Our drummer on the album Charles, even stopped by the studio to listen in to Daniel's tracking, and was super excited and impressed (the compliments were flowing so graciously back and forth between the two of them, one would think they were in love) but that is the connection that is the most important when laying the foundation of an album, drum and bass go hand in hand.

So all that and a bag of tamales we got it done. The bass is DONE. God it feels good to say that. I was beginning to think I could never say that, and now the songs sound better than I have ever heard them. It is so exciting once again... Now we move to guitar- thankfully Tony is on that already, and once the acoustic guitar is finished we go to piano and violin.

Oh, and on a side note- my son is a drummer. He has always been interested in piano, plucking the guitar and slapping the bass. But when I sat him behind the huge drum kit and placed the sticks in his tiny hands- he went wild! His smile was ear to ear as he banged away at any drum or cymbal his arms could reach. It was the perfect end to a groovy day in the studio... I think we may have to go on the road as the Partridge family instead of Wall of Tom. Of course, there is still a chance our little boy will become a race car driver.

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