Friday, March 13, 2009


He sits near
I feel the warmth at my side
And within
A guitar fret that suspends over my soul
Hands slide up and down over the neck
Moving quickly as the melody
Your song vibrations passing between the frets
While the other hand
Gently plucks
At my heart strings


I love recording. It is such a quiet yet loud process. Songs that you have created within your mind, songs that you have played on stage, suddenly play without you. You press a button and there you are- but you are actually sitting with your mouth closed in another room. Odd. It really is the coolest thing about music. I could pass away tomorrow but I will still be here- for you to play over and over in your car or on your ipod.

I get impatient in the process of recording it is true. I hear what it should sound like in my head but I know it will take days or maybe a month for that to happen. I think I should do some painting because I am sure I will drive Tony crazy with my impatience. He is doing such a wonderful job as our engineer and producer- he is such a talented man with such gifts, his biggest one being patience and dealing so sweetly with a cold and my impatience. To do what he does takes knowledge and skill and so much time and yes... patience. But his love for the music is strong and we all know that we are creating an album that we can be very proud of, something we did all by ourselves.

Tomorrow we take a break from all this as Tony is doing sound and Dave has his directing debut for a new TV pilot- should be great fun for them... something I will pass along to you after they have finished it. To say that we are just musicians would be a lie because we all do so much more, and the creative outlets are just endless in Los Angeles.

So as I listen to the click and the never ending edits that Tony has had to do on the drums, I realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful creative friends and band mates. The road to the finished album may seem long but I would not change a bit of it.

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