Monday, January 2, 2012

The creative process...

It all starts with an idea... For the cover we really could see so many different looks.. but what I really wanted is for- at a glance, the common person to be able to look at my book cover and get a feeling of what was inside. Of course I don't want the book to have my face plastered on it because this book is fiction and it is not about me, but a wonderful character; Frankie Spencer.

So in creating the cover art for a single book and then in a series, we had to think in three's... Sure the artwork stems from me, but in doing the empty silhouette, people can envision their own selves in the photo.

Here is a little sneak peak at the creative process we have been messing with over the last few weeks.. AND a look at the cover art for the second book 'This Roll in My Soul'.

Another fun thing we did, was to create the back cover art for the first book. This is a look at what 'Frankie's' work space may have looked like from one time or another.

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