Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's just a TV show

So the other day I was out and about doing this and that, when I realized I was a bit parched. I found a little store to quickly run in to pick up some water, and as I brought it to the counter the cashier looked at my shirt and smiled. She said "I just love him on American Idol!" Granted I was taken off guard, and I glanced down realizing I had on my Aerosmith 'Get your wings' T-shirt on. Smiling warmly at the cashier I replied "I like him in Aerosmith."
Now the woman was a bit confused by my reply which further confused me until I realized the woman had no idea what her favorite American Idol judge's band name was. Wow I thought, after selling over 100 million albums I guess what really put's you over the edge is being on a TV show.
Now, truth be told I have guiltily watched about 20 minutes of the show this season- all in broken minutes, a bit here and there, I really was curious what Steven Tyler would do on national television. He did not disappoint in those minutes, and I did crack up when he was flirting outrageously with a sixteen year old girl.
But I still hold true that I like him better in Aerosmith, I am a musician remember, and I don't really watch much television anyways.
So all that being said, I smiled again at the confused cashier and said "It's his band- Steven Tyler's band 'Aerosmith'. You should check them out, it's great music." She thanked me as I walked away and said she would definitely look them up, and I smiled to myself and began to hum a tune... you can fill in the blanks.

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