Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well I am going to give this whole blog thing a go... since we are in the studio about 8 hours a day I will have unlimited access to a computer and lots of time on my hands. I will post pictures, poetry and even video- just about anything I feel like posting really. Yes some of it will be nonsense but that is just me anyways! That being said here is an update recently posted about the band and what we are doing currently::

We are heading back into the studio to finish up the songs for our 09' release 'Universal Attraction'... And we couldn't be more excited! These are the songs we have been playing at the Hollywood Speakeasy nights and they are hot hot hot! The drums have been recorded and now comes the layering process of bass, guitars, trumpet, vocals, keys, cello... and whatever other instrument we feel like adding! (I am fond of the cowbell)

If all goes well we should be right on track for our release date in May. We are planning a big Cd release party in Hollywood so the closer we get to the release date more info will follow!

Groovy new tunes coming sooon!


Tommie V
Wall of Tom

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